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Give into Nature : “Hike to Help”

We love what Give Into Nature is doing to connect their passion for the outdoors with their passion for world change. Check out how you can get involved with changing children's lives while doing what you love.

Give into Nature is a nonprofit organization that is made up of hikers, rock climbers , cyclists and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. (I manage @pastthe_crux with my wife and co-founded Give into Nature)

The fundraiser event we are putting together is called "Hike to HELP" - an event that will take place anywhere you like. All you need is a mountain or hill and the desire to help raise money for children.

We are calling all hikers to set up a hike on November 21st. Hikers can sign up or donate here:

Give into Nature's hometown is located near the Mt. Baldy, CA area, so this is where they will gather to trek with the local community. It will be a hike to the top of the mountain, for teams or solo hikers. Any hikers or hiking groups from different areas/countries/states who want to collaborate will hike in their own communities to support the fundraiser. T-shirts are included when hikers sign up so they can help by posting pictures and drive more awareness for the cause. These individuals or groups will be featured on social media as well as our website so they can also gain traffic to their sites.

The ultimate goal of Give into Nature - Hike to Help is to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad and to raise enough money to fund an entire O.U.R. children's rescue mission ($20,000).

About Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) - Using cutting-edge computer technology and human intelligence, O.U.R. under cover teams of former CIA and Special Ops personnel go into the darkest corners of the world to help local law enforcement liberate enslaved children and dismantle the criminal networks. In just 12 short months they freed over 250 children from this nightmare. Not only do they rescue the children, but they reunite them with their families and work with approved safe havens where they can be rehabilitated.

Unfortunately, our government doesn't get involved with these missions because they are out of the country. Funding for this work comes directly from donors and groups like ours who want to help. Unfortunately, most of the sex trafficking industry in these countries sell their services to american travelers.

For additional information or questions regarding Give into Nature - Hike to Help event please contact us.

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