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  • Victoria Storm

Venture of the Week: Tyler

We got the opportunity to interview Tyler from Midland, Michigan. Find him on Instagram over here!

Ever since Tyler can remember, his family's always been hiking. Everywhere they go they find some way to get outdoors. With the combination of his family's hikes and his own adventures, Tyler's been able to see some of the coolest spots in America! We got to talk to him about some of his adventures on Mt. St. Helens, Zion National Park, and more.

Tyler's favorite part of hiking is getting out and exploring the world. He loves the similarities with different places as you get used to the terrain constrasted with the uniqueness that every new location brings. There's new mystery, discovery, and curiosity that's waiting at the beginning of every hike. Being outside is like a reset button, it's opportunity to refresh and de-stress, while being a chance to push yourself and your limits.

One of his favorite recent hikes was a place called Big Bear Lake outside of LA. In the northern hills of Hollywood there's a place called Murphy's Ranch that used to be a nazi camp. It was founded by a group of people who thought that the Germans would win the war so they formed their own nazi community. The area now sits as an abandoned graffiti-covered village that you can hike down into a valley to find.

Tyler's favorite hiking story of all time is when his family hiked Mt. St. Helens. There are only 100 hikers allowed per day, and you have to get a permit months in advance to hike. His family spent the full day hiking up to the top and brought plastic bags with them. Once they started the descent, they used the plasitc to slide down the mountainside. Using hiking sticks as a rudder and a brake you can pick up speed and level out on platforms all the way down the mountain.

Tyler's biggest advice is to just go. Sometimes it feels like you have to be ready, to have all the right gear and equipment and knowledge, but you don't need anything to enjoy the earth and enjoy the hike. Be prepared, and be curious. If there's something that catches your eye don't be afraid. Keep your sense of wonder and respect and curiosity.

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