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  • Dougald MacDonald

Hiking Wyoming’s Island in the Sky is a resource for gear, trips, and resources about backpacking trips. We especially like their skills section, for everything you didn't even know that you needed to know. -Victoria

From up close, Cloud Peak is one of the Cowboy State’s most impressive mountains. In the photos I’ve seen, it’s surrounded by sheer rock walls that rise more than 1,000 feet above tarns and remnant glaciers. Those huge cliffs are why a climbing friend and I came to the Bighorns during August in the first place—to scout possible first ascents.

At 13,167 feet, Cloud Peak is the tallest point in the Bighorns. But for the entire day that we approach the mountain, it hides in blowing mist, playing hard to get. It’s actually rather fitting for a mountain many hikers have never heard of, as if the clouds are literally shrouding the whole range in obscurity.

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