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Stephen & Wes's Appalachian Adventure | Part 2 | Helpful Symbols

To anyone who has ever hiked the Appalachian Trail, the symbol carved into this log is I'm sure all too familiar. The symbol is "AT" which stands for Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian trail has other symbols as well. For example, white paint on trees. These markings run all 2200 miles of the trail marking trees roughly every .2 miles. Just to help hikers stay on course.

Isn't that nice? You learn something new every day, eh?

Anyway, I've got a great update from the guys. Yesterday they hiked 9 miles. They are hoping to increase their mileage every day, so that eventually they can hike over 20 miles on a regular basis (piece of cake, right?).

Stephen says that he is sleeping better each night, which I'm sure is a blessing!

Both Stephen and Wes agree that it's a major adjustment, physically. Not only are they hiking for hours on end, but they're also sleeping in this:

Fortunately it's a dry structure that will cut most of the wind, but nevertheless, it's still a lot to get used to.

Speaking of physical adjustments, when I asked Wes if he was happy to be back on the trail, here's what he said:

"Yeah it seems much easier to start this time than it did the first time but still feeling pretty sore. My feet are feeling a bit tender and I think Stephen has 3 blisters already if my count is up to date! We're slow moving so far so I'm excited to pick up some miles once our bodies decide to hate us less. My appetite is increasing quite dramatically. There hasn't been a lot to look at I'm Maryland so far so I've just kind of kept my head down and trudged on. So I guess right now I'm mostly feeling pain. Lol but I expect to be feeling on top again in the next week."

And speaking of Maryland not having much to look at, here is a picture Stephen sent me from the Washington Monument:

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