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Stephen & Wes's Appalachian Adventure | Part 3 | Snapped

Well folks, I regret to inform you that today, only four days into this hike, Stephen has officially snapped...

his trekking pole:

Stephen, being the beast of a man that he is was probably trying to spear a bear. The pole may have broken but Stephen's spirit is still intact...

Ok, but seriously, he broke it on a rock...not out of anger, but just by using it as a nice little walking stick thingy. And the worst part is that they were brand spankin' new! Fortunately, he is still able to use them, but has ordered new ones, and will pick up in Boiling Springs, PA.

Anyway, here's a nice picture of Stephen using BOTH of his trekking poles, before he killed a bear with one of them (...and also a lovely picture of beloved Wesley):

On a much lighter note, Stephen informed me that Un Mundo Cafe ( has very graciously decided to gift the dudes a night stay at a hotel. Thanks, Un Mundo! Tomorrow evening they will be treated like kings as they indulge themselves in fluffy pillows, wifi, and cable TV (a much needed reprieve, already, I'm sure).

Just to give you an update on their progress:

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: 7.5 miles

Monday: 13.1 miles

And last but not least, two pictures for your enjoyment:

There's that darn "AT" symbol many times are we going to have to see this, guys?

Wesley enjoying John Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley", a fitting book for the occasion, being that it's about traveling across the US...with a dog though...Wes, what are you trying to say here?

(Picture taken at Raven Rock Shelter, after their 13.1 mile trek)

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