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  • Joel Widman

Stephen & Wes's Appalachian Adventure | Part 4 | "Tom"

"A cool thing that might be worth mentioning is that a couple nights ago, at Pine Knob shelter we met a guy named Tom,

who lives in the area and was out for the weekend. We hung out with him for a while and we told him we were looking to stop in Waynesboro today, and he offered to meet us at the PA/MD border and give us a ride into town and a ride back to the trailhead tomorrow. So that's where we are now. At the border waiting on Tom."

These words were texted to me, by Wesley Carter on April 4th, 2017, a Tuesday at 7:50am.

This was the last I have heard from either Stephen or Wes.

Ok, just kidding! But seriously, guys, have you seen the movie Deliverance?

...ok, maybe that was a little too far on my part (sorry Mrs. Level and Mrs. Carter)! No joke though, if you hear banjo music, paddle faster (again, I am only kidding...they're hiking, not canoeing!).

Any way, here are pics of the two, as they wait for this so called "Tom" to arrive:

Wesley Carter, ever so graciously breaking in a new piece of playgrounds equipment. And Stephen Level, seemingly thrilled about his life choices thus far.

And just before those pictures were taken, here are two more of them standing at ye ol' Mason Dixon line:

The boys enjoyed their stay at a hotel (courtesy of Un Mundo Cafe). When I asked Stephen what it was like, here's what he said: "Pretty good, nice to be at a hotel."

...a man of few words.

On Wednesday, they made their way back to the trail to continue their trek. They were met by cold and rainy weather, and sickness. Stephen is the sick one (they believe he has the flu), and says that being sick has made the hike that much more difficult. Yeah, I can imagine. Shoot, I have the sniffles while I'm writing this blog post and it's taking everything out of me. So, Stephen, suck it up, kid! If I can type while sick, you sure as heck can hike!

Just rub some dirt on it!

Fortunately, the sickness has passed.

Here are some pictures of them attempting to dry out their wet clothes:

Here is a picture of Stephen making his famous Ramen dish (which includes Ramen and water) whilst speaking with his father (on his cellular device):

Wes filtering some water:

A super encouraging sign, reminding the guys that their destination is just around the corner; a measly 1090.5 miles away:

And last but not least, an adorable selfie:


Tuesday: 4.5 miles

Wednesday: 8.6

Thursday: 12.2 miles

Friday: 13.6

Saturday: 10.9

P.S. I also want to point out that there are 0 (ZEROOOOO) pictures of "Tom".

Pray for the boys. They may be losing their minds.

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